Application of Landscape Lighting


For landscape lighting to achieve the effects described […]

For landscape lighting to achieve the effects described in the renderings of the lighting design, a large part depends on good lighting. In addition to the shape and color of the lamp, the power, protection level, and light output efficiency of the lamp also need to be carefully considered before selecting the ideal lamp. So, what do you need to know to create a stunning night view? Please look down.
    1Lighting performance
    First of all, the selection of the lamp should consider the power of the lamp light source and the reflector of the lamp. This is related to whether it can meet the requirements of the renderings and grasp the overall effect and brightness of the entire landscape. For example, some require that the illuminating area of ​​the lamp is wide, while others are narrow and long, so the requirements for the lamp are different. The reflectors of the lamp are wide beam and narrow beam, respectively. For beams, building columns, and other parts that require special lighting, narrow-beam lamps are required.
    2 light source color
    The color choice of the light source of the lamp also needs to be determined according to the object. As far as greening is concerned, white and green metal halide lamps are normally used. Many people think that the use of green can produce the true colors of green plants. There is a gloomy feeling, and white light must be added in the middle for embellishment. If there are plants of other colors on the scene, such as red maple, bamboo forest, and other colors of rockery, it is best to add lights of other colors. That is to say, in addition to the lighting effect of the night scene, it is necessary to consider the combination of light color, the overall scene effect, and so on.
    You can also choose different color temperature flood lights in different parts of the illuminated object to emphasize the level of the illuminated object. However, unless you have a lot of confidence, colored lights should be used with caution. Because colored light has a strong emotional color, using colored light to enhance a certain color also changes the hue of other colors on the building facade, causing color imbalance. Therefore, the night lighting of buildings, especially the night lighting of some important large public buildings, must be especially cautious.
    3Lamp appearance
    The shape selection of the lamp is also a science. With good shape selection and suitable light source color and power, the lamp itself is a landscape. Especially for buildings with good appearance, the requirements of general owners are also very high, and it is also an important scene during the day. At this time, the choice of the shape of the lamp is more important. Bad lamps have a great impact on the appearance of the building during the day. Generally, there is a requirement to see the light but not the lamp. And another aspect of the landscape. For example, the tower in the lake, what kind of lights can be installed on the tower can not only reflect the shape of the tower, but also do not destroy the daytime effect of the tower itself, the choice of lamps and lanterns is very important. Here you should choose a good concealed underwater projection lamp, which is not conspicuous during the day, but shines at night.
    In some ancient buildings, LED color-changing light strips, which are small and easily plasticized, are mostly used to highlight the beauty of the building itself. At the same time, due to the long life of LED light sources and good energy saving effects, they have become the new favorite of landscape lighting.
    4 safety
    The issue of safety is a common topic. The safety of the luminaire includes the safety of the luminaire itself and the safety of pedestrians and other objects. The safety of objects such as fountains, in addition to considering the visual effects, the first consideration is waterproof and anti-electric shock. For the landscape lights in the park, the heat dissipation of the lamps must be considered. If the heat is high, it will be very dangerous for the children who play, and the children will be easily burned.
    5 glare
    When choosing a lamp, we must consider the danger of the glare of the lamp to pedestrians and the night sky. In addition to the good effects of the landscape, we must also consider the ecological hazards. Otherwise, we ca n’t open our eyes.

Application of Landscape Lighting