LED explosion-proof lamp technology is mature


In the LED professional lighting application market, in […]

In the LED professional lighting application market, industrial lighting is one of the most concerned applications because LED lamps not only have the characteristics of power saving and high installation flexibility, but also have a longer service life than traditional bulbs. The best choice. Take the LED explosion-proof lamp as an example, it has the characteristics of preventing the surrounding explosive mixture from being ignited. It is very suitable for mining, petroleum, military, transportation and other fields, which can reduce the working risk in explosive gas, dust environment, gas and other environments. It has become a market actively cultivated by many manufacturers. It is estimated that the scale will reach 2.932 billion US dollars in 2016, and it will be 5.2 billion US dollars in 2020.

LED inside believes that compared with traditional explosion-proof lamps, LED explosion-proof lamps have the characteristics of smaller size, lighter weight, longer life, and more reasonable commodity prices. For the petroleum and petrochemical industries, it is to improve construction quality, safety, and the best choice to reduce the overall cost. However, due to the different certification standards for LED explosion-proof lamps by governments of various countries and the relatively high cost of product certification, Taiwanese manufacturers need to further consider technical support issues such as installation and maintenance of subsequent products in order to enter the fiercely competitive market if they intend to enter the relevant field. Stand out from the crowd.

In addition to LED explosion-proof lights, gardening LED lamps have become the first choice for stimulating plant growth due to the maturity of technology and quality. Navigant Research estimates that it will achieve a 50% share of the gardening lighting market in 2017. Compared with traditional horticultural lamps, LED lamps have the characteristics of low heat energy, which allows growers to bring the light source closer to plants without worrying about damage to the leaves, plus the ability to adjust the light of LED lamps according to different plant types The wavelength will increase the output by up to 30% at most, making it the best tool to increase the crop production.

Jesse Foote, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, pointed out that LED lamps not only enable more efficient use of energy and space, but also greatly improve the efficiency of indoor planting crops. Although the initial construction cost is higher, the subsequent business opportunities are more amazing. Naturally Attract industry players to purchase related equipment.

LED explosion-proof lamp technology is mature