LED Lighting Development


Nowadays, the lighting control system is more and more […]

Nowadays, the lighting control system is more and more in the direction of automation and intelligence. The smart home and intelligent hardware are now in full swing, and there are endless intelligent products. The intelligent life portrayed to the mass consumers is gradually entering the living room with LED lighting bulbs. Lighting, and the ubiquitous nature of the Internet, which has led to the interconnection and interaction of anytime and anywhere, not only can the smart light bulb realize the traditional light bulb experience, but also can control the lighting and even change the color and other aspects through more conscious and convenient forms. The linkage operation of the equipment is exciting.
    The working principle of the smart light bulb is to use the embedded IoT core technology to embed the interworking core module into the smart light bulb. The core module receives various types of indoor sensor perception information through wireless communication means such as WIFI and BLUETOOTH, combined with timing control and light sensor control , To achieve the required area lighting effect is accurately presented when needed.
    Recently, the domestic LED lighting industry has also fluctuated.
    Under the influence of the recent period of time, the trade friction between China and the United States has brought a lot of exchange rate fluctuations in the international market, which has led to the impact of the global economic downturn. The export of emergency light guide plates has also been affected a lot. The impact of increasing tariffs has brought many European and American market trading companies moved to Southeast Asia and India and elsewhere.
    When the house leaks, the domestic macroeconomic growth rate does not exceed expectations ", the adjustment period of the real estate industry, coupled with fierce competition in the building materials market, a new fixed order, various marketing channels break the original market, changes in consumer demand, and products The degree of influence of the diversified lighting market, and so on, back-propagated consumers turn to buy branded products.
    Now many light guide companies are vigorously developing smart lighting, but it is appropriate to ignore the needs of users of smart lighting products. Many lighting companies are considering how many functions they have, and they ignore the convenience of consumer functions. It is still unknown whether they can successfully replace the current needs. of.
    The product structure of the LED lighting industry should be broken down into more industries, and a variety of products are needed to match different applications.It can be said that the expansion of some home lighting products in second and third tier cities is not complete, and many products are not suitable. Second- and third-tier city market channels, which is why the entire category of LED products can greatly develop and apply in first-tier cities.
    Shenzhen Shangwei Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It is a group company with the core of semiconductor lighting research and development, large-screen display systems and intelligent control. The business sector mainly includes industrial lighting, education lighting, lighting lighting, international lighting, LED Large screen display system, intelligent lighting control

LED Lighting Development