Smart campus lighting makes education lighting more humane


Now the concept of humanization is getting deeper and d […]

Now the concept of humanization is getting deeper and deeper into the hearts of the people, and the area of ​​penetration is getting wider and wider, and it is well reflected in various products. In the field of lighting, humanity is also vividly reflected in smart campus lighting.
    In the past, we did not have the concept of educational lighting, nor did classroom lighting for professional educational lighting, nor the introduction of related educational lighting documents. When incandescent lamps were gradually eliminated and replaced, fluorescent lamps quickly entered the campus. With the increase of students' learning tasks and vision loss, the problems caused by fluorescent lights become more and more prominent, such as glare, severe light strobe, low color rendering index, high color temperature and other problems.
    At present, the incidence of myopia among adolescents in China accounts for 50% to 60%, up to 33% of the total number of myopia patients in the world, which is much higher than China's proportion of 22% of the world's total population. This prompted people to realize that classroom lighting should also be specialized, and the state has also introduced relevant regulations: "Technical Specifications for Lighting in Primary and Middle Schools and Kindergartens," "Primary and Junior School Lighting and Lighting Hygiene Standards," and "Enhancing the Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents" Guidance. Times create heroes, and educational lighting LED lights have become the ideal choice for classroom lighting. For example, Qichen Educational Lighting has professional classroom lamps and blackboard lamps with moderate color temperature (5000K), no blue light hazard, excellent illumination, no glare, high color rendering index, no light strobe hazard, making classroom lighting brighter and softer. , Eye comfort, anti-fatigue, will not distract learning energy due to eye fatigue.
    LED lighting still meets the basic needs of education lighting, so how to add humanity? First talk about what is human. Humanized design refers to the optimization and strengthening of products based on the basic functions of the original design in the design process based on human behavior, physiological structure, psychological situation, thinking mode, etc., so that the experiencer can visit and apply more Convenient and comfortable. It is the respect and satisfaction of people's psychological and physiological needs and spiritual pursuits in design, the humanistic concern in design, and the respect for human nature. If the designer pays too much attention to the relationship between things and things and neglects the interaction between things and people, the design will be lost and there will be no difference from the usual structural design. In terms of the essence of product design, humanization should be regarded as the primary design concept.
    In order to make education lighting more humane and support teaching as much as possible, education lighting has also entered the intelligent era, and a smart campus lighting system has been designed that can complete one-click classroom mode, one-click projection mode, one-button self-study mode, one Key activity mode, constant illumination mode, suitable for high-demand classrooms such as kindergartens, elementary schools, art studios, etc. The lamps can be intelligently controlled in multiple scenarios. Scenes can be selected through mobile phone applications, computers or remote controls, and classroom light brightness can be adjusted according to actual conditions. Smart campus lighting solutions not only serve classroom lighting, the campus smart lighting system intelligently controls school lighting, electrical, campus security and other equipment through the Internet of Things technology, creating a new generation of campus lighting that is healthy, intelligent, and energy efficient! The campus intelligent lighting system uses advanced communication technology and various agile controllers to realize the interconnection of equipment and facilities and the monitoring of the quality of the teaching environment, to ensure that various indicators of classroom illumination meet national standards, thereby protecting students' vision and creating a healthy and warm Teaching environment. Like the projection mode of Qichen Campus Smart Lighting, while controlling the lamps, you can also control the opening and closing of curtains. When the projection mode is enabled in the classroom, the Qichen Campus Smart Lighting system will determine the state of the curtains. If the curtains are open, it will automatically control it. Turn it off, then the projector will turn on, then dim the classroom light to 50% of the brightness during the lesson, and finally the blackboard light will turn off. In other words, Qichen campus intelligent lighting system can not only control the switch of each lamp, but also the power of each lamp. This advantage can also be fully reflected in the activity mode. When the activity mode is turned on, the curtains automatically open, and all classroom lighting is turned on, and adjusted to 70% brightness, making the activity atmosphere more warm.
    Different people's intuitive judgments about light and shade are different. This leads to some students feeling that the light is a little dark on cloudy days. When he goes to turn on the light, some students or teachers will say that it is so bright that the light is on. Waste of electricity. It is estimated that this classmate will not dare to turn on the lights in rainy days in the future. This is not human enough. Fortunately, the campus intelligent lighting system has also taken this into consideration, and designed a cloudy light supplement mode, which can keep the classroom lighting illuminance at a set illuminance value, that is, achieve a constant illuminance. For example, when Qichen Education Lighting is used to fill the cloudy sky, it can monitor the illuminance on the student's desktop. When it is lower than 300lx (the administrator can set a specific illuminance threshold), it will control the classroom lamps to slowly turn on, and Adjust the brightness of the classroom lighting, make full use of natural lighting, and restore the student's desktop illumination to 300lx; Qichen Smart Campus Lighting will also monitor the illumination of the blackboard. When it is less than 500lx, it will control the blackboard light to turn on slowly and adjust the blackboard lighting Brightness, make full use of natural light, so that the blackboard illumination is restored to 500lx.
    The reason why the LED classroom lights and LED blackboard lights can quickly replace the T8 fluorescent lights. In addition to shielding harmful blue light, it also eliminates light flicker, does not generate glare, and has a moderate color temperature and high uniformity, making colors more real, softer, and brighter than before. , Eyes are very comfortable, low fatigue, will not cause tiredness due to eye fatigue, reduce myopia rate; make the blackboard's illumination more uniform, eyes more comfortable.

Smart campus lighting makes education lighting more humane