Summary of common questions about explosion-proof lights!


Summary of common questions about explosion-proof lamps […]

Summary of common questions about explosion-proof lamps!
What are the installation methods of explosion-proof led lights?
1. With ceiling type;
2.Pipe hanging type;
3. There are wall-mounted type;
4, with guardrail pole type;
5. With flange pole type;
6. There is a bracket type.
What are the explosion-proof types of explosion-proof led lights?
Explosion-proof type; Increased safety type; Positive pressure type; Oil immersed type; Intrinsically safe type.
An important reason for the rapid development of domestic LED explosion-proof lamps?
Because LED lamps are solid-state cold light sources, they have a small amount of heat, low energy consumption, long service life, and environmental protection, so they have great market demand.
The state is vigorously promoting LED explosion-proof lights.
Under national policies, many cities have implemented LED lights.
The industrial scale is getting larger and larger, and the regional pattern has basically formed.
LEDs account for an increasing proportion in general lighting, and commercial lighting and public lighting have become important applications.
In terms of application, China is the manufacturing base of the global lighting industry. The manufacturing capacity and export volume of LED lighting products rank first in the world.
What are the structural characteristics of explosion-proof lamps?
1. Good explosion-proof performance, can easily be used in any dangerous place.
2. Use led as the source of light, high efficiency, wide irradiation range, and service life can reach ten years.
3. Have good electromagnetic compatibility to ensure that it will not affect the surrounding working environment.
4. The light body is made of light-weight alloy material, which has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance and resistance to impact; transparent parts use tempered glass made of high temperature and impact resistance, which is greatly processed after our design The air temperature inside the lamp body is reduced, thereby increasing the service life of the lamp.
5, small size and easy to carry, suitable for use in various places, and simple and easy to understand, is a good light for everyone to get started.
How are the types of explosion-proof lamps divided?
1. Explosion-proof lighting fixtures;
2. Explosion-proof emergency lamps;
3. Explosion-proof signal lamps;
Fourth, explosion-proof anti-corrosion lamps.
What are the main explosion-proof lamps?
Explosion-proof fluorescent lamps, explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof induction lamps, explosion-proof flameproof lamps, explosion-proof LED lights, explosion-proof platform lights, explosion-proof street lights, etc.
What are the heat dissipation methods of explosion-proof lamps?
Liquid cooling, heat pipe cooling, semiconductor cooling, chemical cooling.
What are the heat dissipation materials for explosion-proof lamps?
Pure aluminum radiator, pure copper radiator, copper-aluminum combined radiator.
What is the maximum power of led explosion-proof lamps?
200W should be the highest, because the heat dissipation part is not easy to do, the explosion protection needs to control the temperature group, and the lumen is sufficient, and no larger wattage is needed.
What are the advantages of LED explosion-proof lights?
1. Energy saving;
2. Longevity;
3. Can work at high speed;
4, solid-state packaging, belongs to the cold light source type;
5. The technology of LED explosion-proof lamps is advancing with each passing day, and the price is continuously decreasing;
6, environmental protection, no harmful substances of mercury.
What are the characteristics of LED explosion-proof lights?
1. High purity, bright and rich colors.
2. Long life.
3. There is no mercury in the light source and no ultraviolet rays in the beam.
4, solid light, good seismic performance, solid and reliable.
5. Energy saving, economical and maintenance free.
6, dynamic color control, adjustable brightness, the three primary color LED combination can use PWM to achieve color change.
7, LED has a strong light directivity, high luminous flux utilization rate, and small size, easy to control the appearance design and light intensity distribution of LED explosion-proof lamps.
8, LED can use DC low voltage power supply, safe and reliable.
9, LED is not limited by the startup temperature, can be started transiently, generally a few ms, and can reach the full luminous flux output transiently.
What are the installation and use forms of explosion-proof lamps?
Fixed, portable, portable.
What are the protection levels of the enclosure of explosion-proof lamps?
In order to prevent dust, solid foreign matter and water from entering the lamp cavity, contacting or accumulating on live parts and causing dangers such as flashover, short circuit or damage to electrical insulation, there are a variety of shell protection methods to protect electrical insulation.
Use the characteristic letter "IP" followed by two numbers to characterize its enclosure protection rating.
The first number indicates the protection ability against people, solid foreign objects or dust, and is divided into 0-6 grades;
The second number indicates the protection ability against water, which is divided into 0-8 levels.
What kind of explosion-proof lamps can be divided according to the support surface material?
Indoor explosion-proof luminaires may be installed on many common combustible material surfaces, such as wooden walls and ceilings. They do not allow the temperature of the surface where the explosion-proof luminaires are installed to exceed safe values. It can be divided into 2 types according to whether the explosion-proof lamps can be directly installed on the surface of ordinary combustible materials.
One type is only suitable for installation on non-combustible surfaces;
The other is a luminaire suitable for direct installation on the surface of ordinary combustible materials. It has marked symbols.
What are explosion-proof lamps?
Explosion-proof lamps are used in dangerous places where flammable gas and dust exist. Using these lamps in these occasions can prevent arcs, sparks and high temperatures inside the lamp from igniting flammable gases and dust in the surrounding environment, thereby achieving explosion protection. purpose.
What are the performance characteristics of led explosion-proof lights?
First, the shell of this explosion-proof lamp is a high-tech product, which has the function of explosion-proof and shock-proof, which can effectively guarantee people's personal safety when working in dangerous environments.
Second, the light distribution of LED explosion-proof lamps is more unique than other light bulbs. It can effectively make full use of not much light when working underground. And the light it emits will be softer than ordinary explosion-proof lamps, and there will be no glare. This can better protect people's eyes, and can also greatly improve the work efficiency when working underground.
Third, the power consumption of led explosion-proof lamps is very low, and it is 40% lower than that of ordinary light bulbs. Moreover, it is brighter than ordinary electric lights.
Fourth, the component brands that make up this type of explosion-proof lights are some of the top brands in the world, so it is very efficient and stable.
Fifth, the LED explosion-proof lamp has a unique cooling system.
What is the quality evaluation standard of led explosion-proof lights?
1. Heat dissipation effect of lamps;
Second, the brightness of the lamps;
Third, the material.
What are the characteristics of 100W led explosion-proof lamp?
1. Powerful features of super high power and long service life;
Second, Led explosion-proof lamps have more efficient energy-saving effects;
Third, the Led explosion-proof lamp body has wider heat dissipation.
What are the types and uses of explosion-proof lamps?
Explosion-proof lighting: mainly used for lighting in flammable and explosive places, divided into explosion-proof fluorescent lamps, explosion-proof flood lights, explosion-proof flood lights, explosion-proof electrodeless lamps, explosion-proof flame-proof lamps, explosion-proof LED lamps, explosion-proof Type platform lights, explosion-proof street lights, etc.
Explosion-proof emergency lighting: It is mainly used for emergency use in flammable and explosive places. It is divided into explosion-proof sign lamps and explosion-proof emergency lighting lamps.
Explosion-proof signal lamps: mainly used for command signals in flammable and explosive places, divided into explosion-proof sound and light alarm lights, explosion-proof aviation signal lights.
Explosion-proof and anti-corrosion lamps: mainly used in flammable, explosive and corrosive places, divided into increased safety explosion-proof anti-corrosion lamps, stainless steel explosion-proof anti-corrosion lamps and so on.
Applicable environment of explosion-proof lamps?
High-strength alloy shell, high-tech surface spraying process and sealing treatment, waterproof, dust-proof, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion; can be used for a long time in harsh environments such as high temperature and humidity and various corrosive.
What are the applicable scope of explosion-proof lamps?
Suitable for petrochemical installations, petroleum platforms, gas stations, oil pump rooms, transfer stations, pharmaceutical plants, food plants, flour mills and other flammable and explosive places for fixed lighting.
What should be paid attention to during routine maintenance?
Explosion-proof lamps and lampshades should be able to automatically cut off the power before opening; when replacing bulbs (tubes), the explosion-proof joints of explosion-proof lamps should be properly protected from damage.
What are the classification and selection of explosion-proof lamps?
Explosion-proof lamps are generally classified according to the selected light source, explosion-proof structure type, and use method. There are explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof electrodeless lamps, explosion-proof floodlights, and explosion-proof wide-pressure fluorescent lamps. According to the explosion-proof structure type, there are explosion-proof lamps, safety-enhancing lamps, composite lamps, etc .; according to the use method, there are fixed explosion-proof lamps and portable explosion-proof lamps.

Summary of common questions about explosion-proof lights!