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Once upon a time, classroom lighting was generally only […]

Once upon a time, classroom lighting was generally only required to be bright enough, not easy to break. However, with the changes of the times, with the improvement of the school teaching environment, the development of lighting technology, lighting standards have become the minimum requirements for classroom lighting, and further considerations are related indicators of vision protection, energy conservation and environmental protection.
At present, there are many kinds of lamps used in the field of classroom lighting, and the more commonly used ones are LED lighting fixtures. So what are the advantages of LED lighting? Don't worry, and listen to Xiaobian slowly.

 High-quality LED lighting fixtures and light sources outperform traditional lighting fixtures in terms of efficacy, color temperature, color rendering index, light distribution, light decay and reliability. At present, many fluorescent lamps used in old classroom lighting have unavoidable problems. The light fading causes the illumination and illumination uniformity of the desk to be generally lower than the national standards.
The direct light of the eyes produces glare, and the configured magnetic ballast has a serious optical strobe, which is bound to cause visual fatigue and cause myopia. Therefore, the classroom lighting field can give priority to LED lighting fixtures, which is conducive to creating a good knowledge lighting environment and alleviating the occurrence of myopia problems. How to arrange office lighting fixtures, in many cases, the designer's design of office lighting is based on comfortable and humanized. Of course, it also needs to meet the needs of people or crafts for lighting. Today's office must conform to vision. Environmental needs, and office lighting design is comfortable and humane.
The overall lighting of the office lighting fixtures is properly matched with the working lighting, and the illumination is even.
The overall lighting is properly matched with the working lighting, and the illumination is even. The brightness is wrong and it is easy to cause fatigue in the retina. Such as the background lighting is too strong, the computer terminal screen is glaring, and the various lighting and lighting design is not good, which makes the visual recognition of the naked eye difficult, and the working time is relatively doubled. When the working environment is contrasted with the visual target's brightness and darkness, it will cause the eye pupil contraction muscle to shrink frequently and easily fatigue. Therefore, the full illumination and the work illumination must be used together during reading to avoid strong contrast.
The primary factor in the comfort of office lighting is to eliminate glare
 In general, the light source needs to be shielded and its reflective protection. Try to avoid direct or indirect contact with the light of the bulb or the lamp to reduce the eye irritation. The surface decoration of the visual work in the room is decorated with bright matt colors. The range of light and the desktop within 40° is prone to glare. Therefore, when designing the LED track light and the LED grille light, the angle between the light and the table should be greater than 40° when the light source is to be set. At the same time, in order to avoid the shadow of the hand or the body, the direction of the light source can be changed, and the illuminator can be made diffusive.
The lighting color of office lighting fixtures should be warm
The atmosphere of a general company needs to be represented by the color temperature (K value) that dominates the color of the light source and expresses the light texture. As we all know, natural light is the most comfortable, so in the process of decoration design, how to combine artificial lighting and natural lighting is a key point. Excellent designers can make the most reasonable use of natural light, which can meet the owner's comfortable and soft demand for lighting environment, and at the same time save environmental protection. According to incomplete statistics, rational use of natural lighting can save more than 30% of summer electricity consumption. .

 In view of the above, how to arrange office lighting fixtures, according to different locations, the brightness ratio of the selected light source is the trend of indoor lighting. For example, the lighting of the conference room should consider the lighting on the conference table as the main lighting, which makes people feel centered and concentrated. Auxiliary lighting is added around.

Lighting fixtures