Landscape lighting applications


A large part of the landscape lighting needs to rely on […]

A large part of the landscape lighting needs to rely on good lighting to achieve the effects described in the lighting design renderings. In addition to the shape and color of the luminaire, the power, protection level, and light-emitting efficiency of the luminaire also require careful consideration to select the ideal luminaire. So, how do you know what to do to create a stunning night scene effect? Please look down.
    1 luminaire performance
    First of all, the selection of the lamp should consider the power level of the lamp source and the reflector of the lamp. This is related to whether the effect chart can be achieved, and the overall effect and brightness of the whole landscape are grasped as a whole. For example, some require that the illumination area of ​​the luminaire is wide, and some are narrow and long, so the requirements for the luminaire are different. The reflectors of the luminaire are respectively a wide beam and a narrow beam, and the width of the tree and the building façade is generally selected. Beams, building pillars, and other parts that are partially polished to a specific requirement require a narrow beam of light.
    2 light source color
    The color selection of the light source of the lamp also needs to be determined according to the object. In terms of greening, the white and green metal halide lamps are normally used. Many people think that the green color can be used to print the true color of the green plant, but the large area of ​​green light gives the impression. There is a feeling of gloom, you must add white light to embellish the middle. If there are other colors of plants on the scene, such as red maple, bamboo forest, rockery of other colors, it is best to add other colors of light, the overall lighting effect will be greatly improved, also That is to say, in addition to the lighting factor itself, the lighting effect of the night scene also needs to consider the combination of light color, the overall scene effect and so on.
    It is also possible to select different color temperature floodlights in different parts of the illumination object to emphasize the level of the illumination object. However, unless there is a lot of confidence, color lighting should be used with caution. Because of the strong emotional color of colored light, the use of colored light to enhance a certain color also changes the color tone of other colors on the facade of the building, causing color imbalance. Therefore, night lighting in buildings, especially the night lighting of some important large public buildings, must be especially careful.
    3 lamp shape
    The shape selection of the luminaire is also a matter of learning. The shape is well selected. With the appropriate color and power of the light source, the luminaire itself is a landscape. Especially in the construction where the appearance itself is very good, the requirements of the general owners are also very high, and the daytime is also a very important scenery. At this time, the shape selection of the lamps is more important. The bad lamps have a great influence on the daytime appearance of the building. Generally, there are requirements for seeing the lights in the lighting. Try not to damage the daytime effect of the building and the landscape itself, but it can reflect the building at night. And another look of the landscape. For example, the tower in the lake, what kind of lights are installed on the tower, can not only reflect the shape of the tower, but also not destroy the daytime effect of the tower itself, the choice of lamps is particularly important. Here you have to choose a hidden underwater projection lamp that is not conspicuous during the day and shines at night.
    In some ancient buildings, most of them choose LED color changing lamps with such small and easy-to-plastic lamps to highlight the beauty of the building itself. At the same time, due to the long life of LED light source and good energy saving effect, it has become the new favorite of landscape lighting.
    4 security
    Safety issues are already a topic of commonplace. The safety of luminaires includes the safety of the luminaire itself and the safety of the luminaires to pedestrians and other objects after installation. Because the luminaires themselves are installed, the aging of the wires after a long time, the luminaire itself is charged, and other The safety of objects, etc., such as the lighting in the fountain pool, in addition to considering the visual effects, the primary consideration is waterproof and anti-electricity problems, such as the landscape lights in the park, it should take into account the heat dissipation of the lamps, the lamps If the calories are too large, it is very dangerous for children who are playing, and children are easily burnt.
    5 glare
    When choosing lamps, consider the glare of the lamps to the pedestrians and the damage to the night sky. Now, in addition to the good effects of the landscape, it is also necessary to consider the ecological hazards. Otherwise, the eyes that are stabbed can not be opened, but also talk about He Mei?

Landscape lighting applications