What special lighting is included in educational lighting? How to manage?


As the main place for the export of talents in the coun […]

As the main place for the export of talents in the country, the school has a very important weight in the country and the world. According to incomplete statistics, China has nearly 300 million students, and there are no fewer than 100,000 schools of all sizes, and these schools carry the heavy responsibility of teaching and educating people.
For schools, educational lighting plays a very important role. Nowadays, education lighting is not as simple as lighting up a classroom. Today's classrooms have various functions, such as broadcasting classrooms, book reading rooms, and bookstores. Different classrooms have different requirements for lighting, and how to make classroom lighting more suitable. Requirements, we need to consider carefully!
(1) A special blackboard light should be designed in front of the classroom blackboard. The average value of vertical illumination is >500lx, and the uniformity of illumination on the blackboard surface is ≥0.8. It is better to use the Qichen blackboard light. The protection angle of the lamp on the side of the student seat should be greater than 40 degrees, and direct glare should not occur.
(2) The lighting of the library should adopt narrow light distribution or other suitable light distribution. The distance between the lamps and books and other flammable objects should be greater than 0.5m. The power distribution box for library lighting should have a power indicator light and be set outside the library. The library channel lighting should be set independently (switches that can be controlled at both ends of the channel).
(3) The studio's studio area, the recommended vertical illumination (literary performance) should be 1000-1500lx. Rail-type lamps should be used when the height of the studio is lower than 7m, and fixed lighting can be used when the height is higher than 7m.
(4) Principles for the layout of classroom lighting fixtures. It is best placed above the channel with the long axis perpendicular to the blackboard. If the lateral light distribution of the luminaire is good, the glare can be effectively controlled, the protection angle of the luminaire is large, the surface brightness of the luminaire is not much different from that of the ceiling surface, and the luminaire arrangement can also be parallel with the blackboard.
(5) Lighting in the reading room. The socket setting in the reading room should be set at 15% or more of the number of seats in the reading room.
Compared with traditional lamps, education lighting is more healthy and more suitable for students' needs. Nowadays, many schools have chosen Kaichen education lighting fixtures to light up the campus. Lighting is also providing students with eye health protection, allowing students and teachers to experience the most professional lighting!
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What special lighting is included in educational lighting? How to manage?